About Us

One out of every six couples suffers from infertility. It is a heartbreaking problem that can seem impossible to resolve. Thankfully, medical advances have helped many couples who had little hope of becoming parents, realize their dream. With the advancement of assisted reproductive technologies pregnancies now result in what used to be considered “impossible” cases.

However, the exorbitant cost of treatment prevents many couples from getting the help they need. Fees must be paid in full before treatment begins. Insurance companies do not provide coverage for most major infertility treatments and few couples can afford to pay these astronomical sums, which can add up to tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars until a couple conceives.

Tomorrow a Child was founded to help pay for fertility treatments and medications so couples suffering from infertility problems can get the help they need to have a child.

How We Help

When a couple contacts Tomorrow a Child, they are assigned to a personal counselor who is trained to help them through the labyrinth of medical information and the negotiation of payment plans. Only their counselor knows the couple by name. All other communication with Tomorrow a Child is by PIN number only.

  • A single treatment averages between $18,000 and $42,000. Many couples must undergo multiple treatment cycles before being blessed with success.
  • Funding is from individual donors.
  • 80% of the money we raise goes directly for treatment.

Our Goals

The only thing that stands between some couples and their dream of a family is money.

Cost should not be a factor, but it is. Tomorrow a Child is often their only hope. It is our goal to raise the funds necessary to help these couples achieve their dreams. Though there are organizations that offer emotional support to the infertile, ours is the only one that undertakes the insurmountable financial burden that fertility treatments entail. Depending on the situation, a single treatment can average between $18,000 and $42,000 and many couples must undergo multiple treatment cycles before being blessed with success.

Every dollar that we spend comes from generous and compassionate donors and almost every dollar goes directly for treatment.

Tomorrow a child is an equal opportunity service

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