General Resources

Ovulation Calculator
Your Guide to All Things Pregnancy and Preconception and Home to the One-Step Ovulation Calculator!
Bikur Cholim Around the World
listings of various Bikur cholim oriented organizations across the USA and the world.
Global Mikvah Directory
Search and find a Mikvah anywhere in the world.
Acronym Expander
Stumped by a medical acronym? Try this site! Enter acronym and it will give you the words that it stands for.
Fertility Facts
This site is a good place to start your journey into the world of infertility treatments.
Infertility Terms Dictionary
A glossary of Infertility terms, conditions, and treatments and their definitions.
Environmental Causes of Infertility
Environmental causes of infertility and miscarriage have been summarized on this site from major medical journals.
Canadian Fertility Clinics- sorted by province
This website is a resource for Canadian health care consumers that are seeking information on fertility treatment options in Canada
Unexplained Infertility
Just a few years ago, unexplained infertility was reported in up to 60% of patients in studies from the medical literature. Even as recently as the last few years, authors have continued to report its prevalence as high as 20% to 25%. A recent textbook summarized several studies dating back to 1950 and quoted an average percent of unexplained infertility of 16.7%. Of note, some recent authors report their percent unexplained between 0% and 6%.

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